Bem-Vindos ao Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick | Prime Video

Bem-Vindos ao Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick | Prime Video

O mundo de John Wick está de volta!

Bem- vindos ao Hotel Continental onde a alta cúpula, a violência e a diversão caminham pro mesmo lugar! Conheçam as dependências do hotel: o bar, a cozinha, o lounge, o elevador, a cobertura, o lobby, a suíte, o famoso escritório do Cormac e todos os arredores. Aproveite sua estadia!

Estrelada por Mel Gibson e Colin Woodell, O Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick está disponível no Prime Video Brasil.

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Our Guest Is very important to a lot of very Dangerous people Ah I see what this is about the Continental is a TV series that explores The birth of the John MC universe It takes place in the 70s it really Follows young Winston who is played by Amy McShane in the film and how he Became the head of the Continental that We've all seen and loved in the films Looking for the man in Alaska Much like the John Wick film it's kind Of a parallel world the high table the Violence the fun Is this how you get to the gift shop We're showing the early versions of the Kitchen the Speakeasy the hotel lobby Bar in the lobby spaces we have a very Interesting location which is the former Embassy for the UK here in Budapest We've just kind of rewounded the clock a Little bit the Continental that we meet In the TV show is decrepid it's corrupt Cormac who's running it is amoral and Vindictive shoot Mr Avery for me sir the Rules oh yeah the rules again Gentlemen There's four Max office which is not Seen in the wick films no one knows it Existed cormac's penthouse suite is Actually this beautiful old building Called Museum 17 which features a very Dramatic staircase and beautiful ornate

Carving and details I don't think you're Hearing me I'll be done here show our Guests the uh show them the elevator The DNA of the hotel is analog in a Digital world it's like a magic building With Secret passages and pneumatic tube Systems We are constantly looking for new areas And rooms to explore hi Hi Scale wise there's this whole other side Of the hotel that you've never seen We've built a large exterior back lot Set here at Oregon really quite an Enormous set build the crew stopped that Day it was just mind-blowing seeing that In real life that's your Holy Grail Holy Grail for whom whoever gets to it first [Music] Foreign S will know that hotel is a building That exists in Manhattan the owners of The building actually refused us Permission to copy the building exactly We leaned into it and so that's when we Added these sculptures of the Eagles and Decorative columns and things like that We have no Authority here whatever goes On there goes on we see sets that we Showed in the movies like on John MC3 Where Keanu shot off the rooftop we were Able to take the existing design and Utilize that and we added a little bit

Here and there to it so that the stunt Department could have a really good Fight in the pool Foreign New York back then was Mayhem there was Crime gangsters the mob it was the Wild West We built the Chinatown as a freestanding Set that was only possible by flying People in from different parts of the World my father built that Dojo Dojo is Japanese this is Chinatown The dojo is an interesting place because You see what looks to be of kung fu or Karate studio and then it has all these Kind of secrets in it just trap door That opens up it looks to be like it's a Bowling alley but no it's converted into A gun range A scene description that says bowling Alley and they're running a gun Operation as soon as you have a sentence Like that you have an idea for a Wonderful set Strike We want to know more about the inner Workings of this hotel we get to know More about these rules more about this World [Music] There's Easter eggs all over the place Fans will recognize the adjudicator coin The gold coins There are rules that play Here silly boys

Excommunicado that's Latin for you You played safe on any John Wick stuff You fall flat it has to be nuts It is an amazing kind of place just in The weight and the texture of everything Has happened I felt like every day I was Getting a gift on Christmas oh my God Look at that problem look at that Wardrobe look at that performance and Then Christmas came and I was like this Doesn't feel anything like what I was Getting on the set [Music] You off the grand reopening Foreign [Music]

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