Aproveitei a passagem desse elenco maravilhoso pelo Brasil para lançar o desafio: será que eles conseguem adivinhar algumas expressões brasileiras apocalíticas?

Me conta nos comentários qual dessas é a sua favorita!

Estrelada por Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten e Walton Goggis, a minha nova série, #Fallout, estreia dia 12 de abril no meu catálogo!

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I lived in Brazil for Years Again that's a part of we're going to Survive this hey everybody I'm Walton Goggins and this is Ella panel and Aaron Moton and we are with Fallout coming to Amazon Prime we're going to play a game We're going to play a game and the game Is reading Brazilian SL braan slang I'm Trying to guess what it is and then Relating it to our characters yes Absolutely [Music] What's the first word I actually know This word so I can't I feel like I can't Play but but okay thank you so much for Taking yourself out of the first first Competitive one you can't play you have To set this one Out I don't know how to pronounce this Correctly what do you think it means let Me see how it makes me feel say it Again uh makes me feel like Swagger I lived in Brazil for years but I it doesn't I mean it's a sexy thing There is no literal translation for this One is 100% invented uh in Brazil kind Of a word okay it's a hard uncomfortable Or difficult situation slightly Different from what I thought it meant But I think it's still okay and so then What does it say what character uh goes Through the most uh Pang Pang I think uh Uh my character I didn't want to say it

First but I do think Lucy goes through Some sorry Crown Pang yeah yes Okayi Ori which means uh what do you Think of all the food did you like all The food that we just tried or did you Not like all the food that we just tried Uh no uh itas or foras you're going Somewhere what what do you say you're Going you're going you're going Somewhere oh you're going somewhere or You're not going somewhere oh you're Going down okay here we go this is okay Went to the bases went to the bases that Good what is this baseball term no no no I'm just kidding uh it's a funny way to Say something has ended or is dead it's Usually used in the context of video Games and the expression comes from this Universe because in some games when a Character dies in the middle of a match It goes back to its basis okay that Makes sense so the question is which one Of you guys would take the longest to uh Back to the bases to go back yeah to die In the apocalypse which one of us would Die last it's got to be it's got to be The ghoul been around for 200 years yeah I think that would be the I think it Would be the G right yeah yeah yeah Caba I think it means dead deadheading dead Head no Dura means uh hard hard like Durable like being stubborn H head is Stubborn Hot Head a stubborn person Thank you so much I appreciate it thank

You so much yes okay so which character Is the most cesa dura the most stubborn Which character is the most Stubborn what yeah yeah really yes I Think so I guess so she's very set in Her way she can change can all change Can change she's got this um I was Actually going to say it was you yeah I Was going to say it was Max well he does Have a hard head he does have a hot Head no say it Again this means uh what is your Constellation what is your what isar Sign I'm going to say that the ghoul is A Scorpio I'm just going to throw this Out oh Lucy's a vgo thr in through she's 100% Maximus Taurus Taurus Taurus Absolutely yeah okay to put your foot in Your hand that is the name of a Constellation actually like foot in your Mouth would say foot in your mouth to Make a mistake or to get involved in a Bad situation if you are at the end of The world you can't afford to oh you Can't afford to make a mistake put your Foot in your hand which character do you Think would put their foot in their Hand well I mean I I can do that like It's very easy to do you know like just When you scratch your foot Maximus Doesn't make the best choices I'm me It's you yeah I agree with That to tank or not to tank something You or to not to tank something another

Expression that comes from the gaming Universe it's used to say someone could Uh t or could not in tave handle Something something living in a desert During an apocalypse is oh like Unbearable basically okay what do you Think would be the most in of unbearable Thing for you to do during an apocalypse For me would not be having more than one Change of clothes that would be really Tough for Me no I don't know wow okay what would Be what would be the toughest thing for You dark I think there's a second part Of the question which might be slightly Easier which was um what would help you Handle an apocalypse I would need a new Group yeah I just would need people I would need people hey man that's a Great answer to that question you're a Good person man right that you would Think that way yeah you would need People around and coffee you need coffee Yeah you would need coffee do you not Need coffee absolutely I was going to Say would you it' be nice to have a Guitar okay well then if you have people You have coffee and you have a guitar And you have music that's a party hey Good for us hey we're going to survive This hey I love you guys we're going to Be okay this is so great I just want to Go through an apocalypse with you oh Resolver or

Pinoo I like Thato is that cucumber is a cucumber Yeah literal translation to solve a Cucumber to solve hard problems okay That's a little dangerous too when you Are all in an apocalypse it's important To learn how to solve our Problem whenever you're an apocalypse It's very important to know how to solve Hard problems who do you think is the Best one at resolve Pipino I mean is it Is it I think it's her I think it might I think it's you I think you would solve Them I think the go would solve the Problem but maybe not very I don't know That that problems are that hard for him I think that you you know you overcome So much I think she's a a solution Finder we hope you join us guys bye-bye Everybody bye [Music]

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