Gen V - Bem-Vindos à Universidade Godolkin | Teaser Oficial | Prime Video

Gen V – Bem-Vindos à Universidade Godolkin | Teaser Oficial | Prime Video

Bem-vindos à Universidade Godolkin, o semestre começa dia 29/9! Visite o site para saber mais 📚✌️

#GenV estreia dia 29 de setembro, só no Prime Video.

Inscreva-se no canal do YouTube:

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I know there must be many thoughts going Through your mind right now is this the Right place for me do I belong here let Me assure you that we see something in Something you may not even see yourself Even if you do have X-ray Vision I'm super focused I'm super Inclusive I'm super curious I'm super a What kind of a super are you I'm Dean And Deti congratulations and welcome to Gulan University We've trained the best and brightest Young Heroes since 1965 but more than that we're a family a Community of supportive faculty and Peers who will accept you as the unique Culturally Rich change agent that you Are you'll begin with challenging but Meaningful cor curriculum such as hero Ethics and understanding For after that you'll declare your major Perhaps you'll join the Crimson CEST School for the Performing Arts alumni Include stars from such shows as so you Think you've got super Talent or maybe you'll be accepted into The Lamplighter School of crime fighting You can become the best crime fighter You can be with classes like victimology And self- Offense and it's all right here on a World class campus with everything a Superhero needs and you'll make a lot of

Great friends along the Way so whether you want to walk the Mean Streets or the red carpet gulkan is a Safe space for you to Thrive we're super excited to meet [Music] You

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