Playlist de O Verão Que Mudou Minha Vida | Prime Video

Playlist de O Verão Que Mudou Minha Vida | Prime Video

É hora de fazer as malas para matar as saudades de um verão inesquecível em Cousins Beach, mas não esquece o fone de ouvido!

Assista às duas temporadas de #OVerãoQueMudouMinhaVida, já disponível no meu streaming.

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[Music] My Dream relocate my Fantasy I stay in Reality you live in my Dream [Music] 20 so why did you go [Music] Away All [Music] Away She been my queen since we were 16 we Want the same things we dream the same Dreams all Right I can't believe you're here no me Neither wonderous time the blues and Then purple pinkar and it's cool Baby so [Music] Pring you to [Music] Me [Music] I'm glad you're Here it's me too not everyone measures People's worth by what Ivy they go to Like you know that right those schools Are just full of to think that they Run The World then again you are the guy who Berated his grieving sister in front of An entire party so I don't know maybe He'll fit right

In didn't for yeah you kind of Did tell Me I knew it was a bad idea starting Something with [Music] You I don't believe You it was a huge Mistake I hate You Good I never want to see you [Music] Again what It right before you Fall stumbling around you been gu in Your direction except you can see it All I have a name I have so you be out [Music] Here so Hor chasing after our End chasing After just Around Friend River and [Music] Me you know never thought we were going To lose this Place did you no Never you know I always thought I love This place as much as I possibly Could now I I can't help but think I Didn't love it [Music] Enough summer end around the bench just

[Music] Flying swimming suits are on the way and Just Drying I'll meet you there for our [Music] Convers I see a Face looking to the Space all Tired why does it have to be like You I wanted us to be [Music] Happy [Music] No I can see you you should take it it's Still Yours I don't want to keep it Anymore we've done this Before doesn't feel like last Time took Minutes us up And it holding all this here [Music] In when I used to picture forever it was Always with the same [Music] Boy in my dreams my future was set a Sure Thing down you got me in love Again so many nights mys fell hard this Isn't the way I pictured [Music] It

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