The Burial | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

The Burial | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Inspirado em eventos reais, The Burial vai contar a história do advogado Willie Gary (Jamie Foxx) na missão de ajudar Jeremiah O’Keefe (Tommy Lee Jones), dono de uma funerária, a salvar sua empresa familiar de um gigante do mundo corporativo!

Estrelado por Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones e Jurnee Smollet, #TheBurial estreia 13 de outubro. Só no Prime Video!

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Foreign Ladies and gentlemen of the jury [Music] How y'all doing all y'all that don't Know who I am my name is Willie Gary Willie Gary Willie William Gary never Heard of him what's so special about This guy anyway [Music] The truth is I know you got myself into A lot of trouble I've been your lawyer 30 years we can find a way out of it You've never sued anybody before in your Whole life Stella tried to bully me out Of business and I don't think I should Be expected to stand for it Mr Gary Hasn't lost the case in over 12 years You suggesting I hire this guy's one of My lawyers y'all come on in pleasure to Meet you Mr Gary let me introduce you to My call Red how do you feel about Working with black folk I supposed to Animal prejudice Did you meet my team I'm Chris it's a Shot Chris Douglas Gentlemen he's suing us he's suing us we Are a half a billion dollar Corporation So how much money y'all trying to get Eight million that ain't enough money 100 million dollars [Laughter] Who is this clown he's hired as a lawyer Your fighter man what made you want to Do it because he tried to mess with the

One thing that means the most to me in Life being able to leave something Behind for my grandchildren Let's play some music My name is Maine Downs graduated top of Her class from Harvard Law School they Had a nickname for her around the office The python I wouldn't get too used to me Being kind to you Mr Gary once we begin That trial I want to destroy you Can't you see that we're golden we only Have a snowball's chance in hell to win In this case just just trust me okay I I May have found something what does it Feel like to be some small time nobody On the verge of bankruptcy I'll let all these Beauty down you have Been trying to turn this into your own One ring circus I got my damn life on The line I know that Jerry Did it ever bother you hypocrisy Hypocrisy you'll sit your ass down I can't put the pole Come on Foreign

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