Anne Hathaway e Nicholas Galitzine como Solène e Hayes | Uma ideia de você | Prime Video

Anne Hathaway e Nicholas Galitzine como Solène e Hayes | Uma ideia de você | Prime Video

É hora de se apaixonar por Solène (Anne Hathaway) uma mãe solteira de 40 anos e Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine) um jovem astro de 24 anos da boyband mais famosa de todos os tempos!

#TheIdeaOfYou já está disponível no Prime Video.

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Oh uh just a second Okay hi hi hi I'm Shira Williams and I Am here to tell you about the Amazon MGM Studios movie the idea of you and help You meet the characters now streaming on Prime [Music] Video the idea of you is Loosely based On the novel of the same name by Robin Lee that centers around an unexpected Romance between senen a 40-year-old Newly single mom and Hayes a 24-year-old Pop star when the two meet at a music Festival an instant spark is made as Their Whirlwind romance begins things Are going great for the couple until hay Of stardom poses challenges to their one Secret romance that has now become the Talk of the entire world Selen is a Divorce mom who owns a local Contemporary Art Gallery she loves to Read and loves discovering new artists To feature Selena is still trying to Find herself after her divorce from her Ex-husband Daniel after taking her Daughter to a music festival when Daniel Bails at the last minute she runs into The biggest superstar the music world Has ever seen Haze the two hit it off And begin a secret Whirlwind romance That will eventually cause senen to Choose between her heart and her privacy Soen how did you guys meet we need to Know the story uh we met at

Coachella actually it was at an August Moon meet and greet yeah oh my God You're a moon head that's so cute it's Actually kind of a crazy story uh she Wasn't supposed to be there and then she Was and she's with her daughter yeah Yeah no we we uh we met by accident Acent yeah in my trailer hay is a member Of the mega popular boy band that's Taking over the world August Moon he Likes the stardom he's gained from the Group but has his sight some more out of His career Hayes is charming handsome And a talented singer he loves to Explore and even has an eye for art Hayes loves to travel the world with his Band and go on new adventures after Meeting salanta at a music festival hay Goes on the biggest adventure of his Life love as their romance grows Hayes Will be forced to choose between his Rockstar lifestyle or following his Heart [Music] Why'd you Stop no Reason what is that song uh it's it's Nothing Really I like It Yeah yeah August Moon is the biggest music act in The world right now consisting of Members Hayes Oliver Rory Adrien and

Simon they have been touring the world And making teen girls scream and cry With their hit songs for years as they Make it to the main stage to tear down The house at a music festival Hayes runs Into a potential new romance as Hayes And Selin's romance grows so do the Opinions of the band members and their Friends will the band be able to handle This new dynamic or will it te them [Applause] Apart I'm Giving Up On A Vision when I My Down she'll give me back if I make her That I finally come Down the Step Daniel's successful businessman is Selin's ex-husband he is still trying to Find a way to be friends with Selen After asking her for a divorce Daniel is Now in a new serious relationship and Committed to co-parenting their daughter Izzy but his work continues to get in The way as Daniel learns more about Selena her new romance old feelings Arise making things difficult for Selena And Hayes so I got To get yeah real quick I just wanted to Uh you know invite you over sometime Come let us make you dinner May was a Great cook that's you or pickle ball um You know come play pickle ball you've Heard of pickle ball right yes it's so Much fun you know you don't even have to

Be athletic you pick it up and like Ava's really good she could teach you Yeah I don't I'm pretty I just I gotta Go okay I gotta go good great uh enjoy Your camping trip Izzy is senena Daniel's daughter she loves her parents And she's best friends with her mom She's currently a junior in high school And like any teenager loves to hang out With her friends after her mom selin Takes her on a trip to a music Festival She finds herself in an experience she Will never forget the only problem is What happens at the music festival Doesn't always stay at the music Festival as her mom ends up bringing Home one of the members of her favorite Boy band hi hey I know I know I'm Packing yes good Okay what's sup are you okay I'm Fine oh my God are you high no did Tracy Give you a gummy again no I'm fine all right and I'm packing so Don't come in Please and that concludes this idea view Edition of Meet the characters thanks For watching and don't forget the idea Of you is now streaming on Prime video [Music]

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