Bem-vindo ao mundo de Fallout!

Bem-vindo ao mundo de Fallout!

Junte-se ao elenco da minha nova série Fallout e os seus produtores enquanto contam uma nova história desse universo incrível!

Todos os episódios de #Fallout chega no meu streaming dia 11 de abril! #Featurette

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This is a dream come true for me as a Director because you're picking up the Mantle of something that so many Talented writers and artists have worked On for so many decades and we knew that We wanted to tell an original story Within the Fallout Universe we were Drawn to the idea of creating characters Who would embody the different factions That Fallout is so famous for so a vault Dweller a ghoul a member of the Brotherhood of Steel we wanted to show As much of the world as we can through Different lenses and it just makes you Lean In my name is Lucy McLean and I'm an Active contributor to the well-being of My community she is doing her Duty she's Rebuilding America and then she really Has her whole world Rocked she comes out on the surface and Experiences the world for the first time Excuse me hi I just want to ask you for Directions And then it gets real ugly real fast H Again the ghoul is is someone who has Seen the worst that we have to offer as Human beings he's about as ruthless as They come Fallout explores the chasm Between the halves and the hav knots in A world where it's kill or be killed we Find Maximus as a recruit he's a part of The Brotherhood of Steel seeing these T6s something that symbolizes power it's

A moment of Awe the introduction of Lucy I don't Think it's anything that he would have Ever expected the Wasteland is very Different from the Vault full out does a Really great job of showing both sides Of that coin I love a big setting so to Be able to juxtapose the real human Emotions with this large scale is a kind Of story that I like to See there's a tone reminiscent of The Good the Bad and the Ugly meets Doctor Strange Love of me Star Wars balancing The darker more emotional moments with The profound humor creates the unique Tone of Fallout you're an actual Vault Dweller I Am I thought all you them shits were Dead practically every person I've met Up here has tried to kill me you have Never been on a ride like this before You look at at this Wasteland looks like Chaos but there's always somebody behind The Wheel

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