Camila Mendes e Rudy Mancuso falando português!

Camila Mendes e Rudy Mancuso falando português!

Eu não sabia que precisava ver Camila Mendes e Rudy Mancuso falando português, até ver eles em #Música falando português!

Inscreva-se no canal do YouTube:

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People are going to watch this and be Like what's the movie and when do I Watch it you can't look at your mom That's cheating condescension it's just M right Mom I'm your director respect me Do we speak forun hi I'm Camila Mendes And I'm Rudy manuso and we star in our New film mus which Rudy wrote and Directed and is Loosely based on his own Life in the film he's navigating his Brazilian culture while being raised in Newark New Jersey Ry are you even listening to Me Hello and since cam and I are both Brazilian we wanted to teach you some Key words relating to the film and how We say in Brazilian [Music] Portuguese musical note that one's easy Not the musal the right calm down subway [Music] Station St your onus no onus is Metro you can't look at your mom that's Cheating Station only is a ganging up against me Ganging up against me I'm your director Respect Me [Music] Puppet mar mar right but she call it Bonu bonu in the Movie baku's doll that's just like an Inside joke of the movie you'll see when

You watch yeah you'll see Diner I don't Know if there is a word for diner I Think it's just H it's probably just Diner a l L okay Mom we're uh we're Filming Market like what kind of market like Feda or like have you seen the movie me Me okay right but in the movie when we We talk about the market we're referring To a feta a feta is like a flea market Yeah yeah open outdoor market and Madu Is just the literal translation of Market yeah like more like mehad is like The store Like a supermarket enclosed Supermarket Do we know what do we For Hair Salon um you should know This the salon not the hairstyles Sal sal the Condescension classroom Sala I think I won up for interpretation I don't think it is it's a language I Had the hardest on by the way no he Didn't would you have known I wouldn't Have known subway station me I would Have knownas but I don't know it's just Metro right mom she sleeping it also Doesn't count when you get to ask your Mom all the questions anyway if you Didn't know Portuguese before you Definitely don't Know hope you're able to well that was a Disaster stre streaming on no no we got

It it's not even funny we got it well That was a disaster but hopefully it'll Help a little bit and the Portuguese That spoken in our new film mus Streaming on Prime video April [Music] [Applause] 4th

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