Pedimos para a nossa lenda de #Periféricos, Chloë Grace Moretz, responder alguns tweets especiais de seus fãs brasileiros. Foi muito amor, ships improváveis, boas risadas e um triplex alugado na cabeça de todo mundo quando descobrimos que a atriz é a maior torcedora do Cruzeiro!

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Oh gosh thank you [Music] People on Brazil are really turning up The heat for Flynn Fisher hi Brazil I'm Chloe Grace Moretz and I play Flynn Fisher in the peripheral which is out Now on Prime video and I am going to be Reading some of your tweets today what You've been talking about with the show And about me and I'm excited to check These out and hopefully give you some Answers [Music] I've just remembered that when I was 13 I cried in the middle of an exam because I was in love with Chloe Moretz and I Randomly remembered that she would never Know of my existence and consequently I Would never date her that's a full Existential crisis as a 13 year old that I was not even just like privy to I was Part of that is a era Mariv Lessid wow I don't know if I did that Correctly but you know what thank you And that's very kind of you and now you Should not have an existential crisis Because I do know you I can't even say How awesome the peripheral is and it is Even better because it has Chloe Grace Moretz who's my biggest crush ever Thank you you're also my biggest crush Ever I just didn't have time to tell you yet

Whoever Prime video should watch the Peripheral Chloe Grace Moretz at her Peak of beauty and talent thank you very Much that's very kind of you I will say Like just to get like I don't know I'll Find a way to talk about that a little Bit but the hair and makeup design in The show I thought was so interesting And kind of being able to so I'm 25 now And I haven't I think had that Opportunity to be able to be kind of an Adult woman as much so in my projects Yet and so it was really fun to be able To be both Flynn Fisher in 2032 Clanton And Flynn Fisher in 2099 London Climberettes posted that she's coming to Brazil and I am so nervous just to know She'll be stepping here even knowing That I won't be able to meet her at all I wish I was able to meet you I felt so Lucky when I being here in Brazil I was Able to go to ccxb and meet so many Incredible fans and I just I don't know I have uh such an appreciation for the Brazilian people and the culture and the Food and everything about Brazil so I Feel really lucky to be here and I've Been like welcomed with open arms and I Just feel really honored for that so Thank you at m4rsa thank you Raphael Blew my mind after he told me that Chloe Moretz follows chrisero football club on Twitter here's the screenshots I follow Crucero

Foreign I've had that Twitter since I was well 12 years old which you just found out Recently breaks Community guidelines so I got kicked off Twitter that is so Funny I must have been so young I would Love to know what my reference was for It oh gosh thank you Who what is Crusade oh for sure I am a Crucero fan And now this is my favorite team it's The state of cheese and they represent Heke Zhao in my heart which is Big Cheese and I feel a big love for crucero I'm Chloe Moretz biggest Catalina Oh somebody's Pop I love puppies to be someone's Catalina Means you are such a huge fan of them And you would do anything for them thank You thank you meow mtune that is so very Sweet of you and I am very lucky to have A Catalina Heart emoji wolf and Flynn heart emoji I Am shipping in quotes this couple on the Peripheral and that is at frenchelli Serchi let's see if I said that right You can also tweet me and let me know if I didn't say it right but thank you I Really love I think throughout the Season it was really fun to be able to See when she meets willf I think it's The first time in her life that she's Really met someone that is meeting her As she is in that moment and I think she

Feels really seen in that experience Which was an interesting kind of Beautiful thing to be able to express in The character and I really hope we get To do a season two because I would love To see that grow and shift now that She's you know not to give anything away But going to be in future London a whole Lot maybe even more than last time the Fact that glamorous is a gamer is Driving me crazy in all caps that is at C-y-f-m-h I could try and say that but I don't Think it would it would work it's funny Because I've gained my whole life but When I finally tweeted about it everyone Thought that I got hacked and I like Literally got calls from my publicist And they were like hey did someone take Over your account like do you need Recovery for your account and I was like No I just really like Call of Duty like It's not that crazy every time Flynn Kisses someone on the peripheral she Keeps having thoughts please someone Make love to this woman the way to Describe Flynn in season one is yearning Lots of Yearning she is yearning for a New world a new life and definitely I Think a lover I would definitely say That it's just like all the precipice You know she's always on the edge it's Like one kiss happened and then she was Like look at will there's a lot of

Yearning that's Lisa Joy uh one of our Executive producers she is like next Season we're going for it so stay tuned Chloe punching everyone on the Peripheral makes me hot oh my God people In Brazil are really turning up the heat For Flynn Fisher and you know what it Makes me hot too I love kicking people's ass It's a good thing oh and that was at Raca e And this is at po mavivo underscore Really Flynn's hand is probably like This on the peripheral oh we'll look Like in the future the one where it's Like the huge neck and the person's like Looks Looks unwell looks very unwell which is Not how Evolution works but it's fine It's fine we're gonna override it Flynn's hand has other problems in the Peripheral because of something going on In her brain so that's all I got to Claim I don't know about Flynn but who Knows maybe we should have bionicans in The next season thank you Brazil for all These amazing tweets about the show and How you feel about Flynn I feel very Flattered and thank you guys for being So into it so thank you Foreign [Music]

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