Downton Abbey II: Uma Nova Era | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Downton Abbey II: Uma Nova Era | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Descubra os mistérios, imagine as possibilidades e vivencie a nova era!

O tão esperado retorno cinematográfico do fenômeno global reúne o amado elenco em uma grande jornada ao sul da França para desvendar o mistério da villa recém-herdada da Condessa Viúva.

Criado por Julian Fellowes, #DowntonAbbeyIIUmaNovaEra já está disponível no meu streaming.

Have you told them lady Grandam she's Told us nothing do sit down I've come Into possession of a villa in the south Of France what Villa start at the Beginning years ago before you were born I met a man they spend a few days Together and he gives her a house you Never thought to turn it down do I look As if I'd turned down a villa in the South of France a telephone call for you my lord Mr Barber is a producer and director he Wants to make a film at downtown a Moving picture at downtown would it be Film star's famous one I think it's a Horrible idea actresses plastered in Makeup and actors just plastered there Is something about him like a wild Animal ready to spring ready to spring On you you mean Action cut cut sorry the modern world Comes to Downtown why do you think he gave you The Villa that is where the mystery Resides then go off to the Riviera and With any luck we'd miss the whole of Mary's frightful film I do hope that was A prop you steer ahead you're the Captain now but better to be warned the British are Coming welcome to the Villa of the doves It's a beautiful place how happy you Must be oh my goodness who is she the Lady Grandam I first went to work for

Granny Why did you invite us [Music] Here it doesn't look good from she felt The need to keep it a Secret there's trouble in Paradise you Don't need me to tell you that marriage Is a novel full of plot twists along the Way women like us fall into two Categories dragons and fools you must Make sure they think of you as a dragon With that I will say good night and Leave you to discuss my mysterious Fast it seems the public only want films That talk I should have thought the best Thing about films is that you can't hear Them be even better if you couldn't see Them [Music] Either

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