O melhor dá culinária brasileira, para os f*dões do meu catálogo!

Vir ao Brasil e não provar do nosso tempero não tem a menor graça! Convidamos os talentos de Periféricos, A Roda do Tempo, Os Anéis de Poder e Jack Ryan para conhecer em grande estilo pratos típicos do Brasil.

Já adianto que teve talento querendo mudar o nome de um dos pratos mais famosos da nossa culinária, o queridinho Romeu e Julieta, para Aronwyn, e Chloë Grace Moretz ficou apaixonada pelo nosso pão de queijo… teve pastel, caldo de cana, dadinho de tapioca e até paçoca…

Me conta nos comentários o que você mais amou do meu cardápio!

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Oh yeah Conjugation All the Brazilians like well it's a Weird way to eat that Yeah We are the cast of Lord of the Rings the Rings of power yay Brazil we are here From Jack Ryan and we are in The Wheel Of Time by Brazil Chloe Grace Moretz Here I am super excited because I am About to try some Brazilian Delights and Get a taste of Brazil I'm pretty excited I'm hungry [Music] Foreign Like I should crack it open huh This is a croquette Well it's bomb that's really good is it Tapioca and potato it's just potato Cochina Oh the shape resembled a chicken leg I Get it I see what they did there I want To try and make it now I'm like trying To I feel like that's like I can kind of I could maybe make this at home it looks Soft it looks softer than it feels like Cheese situations oh yeah Conjugation this one I know Let's see Go for it Don't be scared yeah it's like a cheese Bread What kind of cheese it's like a mild Chad

If we look at the card The cage So it's a Brazilian cheese bread a Popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil oh it's a breakfast food I eat it All the time I'll say an eight Hey I'm kidding ten I'm gonna I'm gonna I would I would have this with A coffee I would eat this in the morning Yeah I'm Gonna Keep It Real nine no I'm Done I'm ten I'm ten as well I'm 10 as Well And I wish we had more of this in La I Feel like people would eat this all the Time fig guava what's it smell like I'm gonna jump in and say that is a Cheese smell test [Music] I mean it smells like guava from here Are you going combo first combo Really good It's such a journey It goes sweet Savory I really like it I Don't know what it is it feels and Tastes like a massive raisin it's a bit Tangier than a raisin it's like sweet And salty we do this also in in Puerto Rico for Christmas yeah there's little Squares with a little bit you know what They're not wrong together It's amazing they're perfect together I Want to know what good this is like a Bonnie and Clyde type dish Romeo and Juliet now this is definitely

A little more naughty than uh than the Star-crossed lovers I like the narrative Too I like that the food has a story and Which one is Romeo is Juliet Juliet's a Sweet one obviously oh no there is Something romantic to this but to the Ratings yeah Tens across the board I'm sorry but yeah I don't need to give a score That is a 10. I really really really like this I'll Give it a 10 out of 10. yeah I'll join You there 10 out of 10. I don't have the Cheese because I can't eat cheese but The guava I would give 10 out of 10. the Feeling it's going to be sweet It's not sweet oh it's not sweet that's Me I almost think I should fold it all the Brazilians are like well it's a weird Way to eat that this is American I'm Like is it like pizza Okay That's really good What's the meat it's like a it's like a Braised beef a dry a dry kind of meat That's really good the cheese is really Good in it too pastel pesto oh you drink A sugar cane juice with it a Caldo Decana where's the Caldo the comic guys Oh Yeah I I think it's some kind of um Something like a plant it's Caldo de Cana it's basically the juice extracted

From a sugar cane it's a popular drink In Brazil and people love to have it With pastel which is a fried pastry in Street Markets no prizes for guessing What this is I passed down oh Big Cheese Independently great together Not so much so out of 10 for me that is A four sorry Brazil seven And a six I think I'm gonna have to give This a six oh I know what that smells Like peanut butter yeah it's giving me Peanut butter peanut butterflies I don't Know why it's that shape though Something that you stop a door from her Going into the wall I was saying it kind Of looks meaty I don't know you could do That oh Y'all got some milk I feel like it Should come with milk I like that a lot You can mix up a sugar cookie and a Peanut butter cookie that is delicious It's like a peanut butter biscuit can I Have some of this to take home [Music] I either have to like sort of give this Like I threw this to 11 or don't grade Everything else Is a candy made from Grown peanuts sugar And salt well they have the chocolate It'd be a 10 but I'd give it a solid 7.5 Grab the sucker in chocolate and eat Yourself twice as well it will be such a Great thing for your economy I'll

Probably give it a maybe a 90 8 out of Ten I'll split the difference 85. anyway It's delicious look at this uh 10. it Doesn't have cheese in it so I'm gonna Give it a nine I feel so serious about it you feel like It So 10. this is our lunch is that right I Spoke Portuguese always and I didn't Know it It's just all coming out I don't know When I look at it it doesn't look like Where I speak I know this flavor then I Don't know it [Applause] I got like cassava it's like a tater tot Yep looks like a tater tot squared Tater tots [Music] Oh I like that this I like this so this I'll give a 10. I'm more of a fried Savory something a little tapioca and Cheese dice [Music] So the full transmission here is Something like a little tapioca and Cheese dice No The Taste isn't as strong as the last One but the whole package I am going to Give a 10 because it's great comfort Food would you just have this by itself Or would you ever like dip it in Something I'm gonna give it a 10 too and Partly because I love the dice Factor

Because I love games a little more Cheese I give it a 10. like if it if I Pull it away from my mouth and the Cheese went with it oh that would be I'd Give it a 10 then so I'm gonna go 8.5 Can take a little Romeo and Juliet put It on the Daddy It's actually really good yeah You just didn't even know from here it Just went straight in oh sorry I'll Never know Take my word for it it's delicious I Love the taste of Brazil so thank you so Much for having us this was a real treat Getting to taste some of your favorites They've certainly are have become our Favorites as well which one was your Favorite uh the dungeon for me it's a Toss-up Asaka and the Romeo and Juliet Um my favorite again is the pastel but Honestly I'm gonna eat them all I would Eat them all like this in a little Platter for me Romeo and Juliet for sure That was Mexican shoes I'm gonna go with Romeo And Juliet I'm gonna go for soccer first Then the Romeo and Juliet I like my Daddy you call me Romeo Juliet thank you For sharing with us yes Thank you for sharing your Delights with Us Obrigado Brazil this was delicious And bye [Music]

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