Eve Atômica - dos quadrinhos para as telas | Clube de Super-Heróis | Prime Video

Eve Atômica – dos quadrinhos para as telas | Clube de Super-Heróis | Prime Video

Chegou a hora de mergulhar no universo da Eve Atômica!

Nesse vídeo, vamos conhecer mais da linha do tempo da poderosa Eve Atômica (Gillian Jacobs). Passando pelo seu nascimento, até a aparição no segundo quadrinho de Invencível, e sua transição para o ícone que conhecemos hoje ao lado de Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun)!

Animados para a segunda temporada de Invencível?! Vai aquecendo com o episódio especial da Eve, que já está disponível. Só no Prime Video!

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I don't know who you are but it's time To go [Music] I'm your host Stephanie Williams before We get too far in if you want more Superhero content like this don't forget To like this video And subscribe to our Channel Today we are highlighting Adam Eve from Invincible a superhero who has never had A problem speaking of or changing matter Just from sheer will and a flick of her Wrist first we'll dive into some of the Adam Eve's comic history then we'll Examine how it compares to the Adam Eve Introduced in The Invisible animated Series Adam Eve makes her comic book debut in Invincible number two but we'll start With her original story which appears Much later in one of the backup stories Feature an invincible number 25. Adam Eve's real name is Samantha e Wilkins She was born to Aria's brandyworth in an Unnamed mother who did not survive gave Birth to Samantha since her powers were Already active while she was in the mood When she was bored the agent named Stephen Erickson who worked at the Global Defense Agency wanted to use Samantha as a weapon and went to the Hospital to retrieve her but brandyworth Faked his daughter's stuff using the Miscarried child of Bessie and Anna

Wilkins who would later become Samantha's adoptive parents we learned More about Samantha's life in Invincible Presents Adam Eve during Samantha's Childhood she was raised by the Wilkins None the wiser about her true origin her Biological father Brandi worth goes on To watch his daughter from a distance From an early age there were signs that Samantha wasn't an average child case Employee her first word was ch2oh the Hydroxy methyl chemical group She helped her babysitter with his high School levels finding his homework as a Toddler Samantha would later start attending a School for Young Scholars but was kicked Out because she wasn't fulfilling their Standards this calls a heated argument Between her and her adoptive father who Was often at odds with Samantha to begin With shortly after the argument Samantha Discovers her powers of transmutation After turning the meal her adoptive Mother brought up to her room from Chicken into a cheeseburger Samantha would go on to practice her Abilities on different objects The first time Samantha used her powers At a private party capacity she saved Some puppies from thieves this was also The same night her biological father Brandywear finally made direct contact He tells Samantha about her powers of

Transmutation and how she got those Powers because of him and that she was Made to be a government weapon for Anywhere if also shares that he fell in Love with her birth mother which made Him change his mind about turning his Baby into a weapon he then Wars Samantha Not to use her powers so that she Doesn't attract the government's Attention Samantha doesn't listen and Continues using her powers fast forward Two years later when Samantha is a Preteen and she starts wearing a mask And calling herself Adam Eve At this point she's also gotten better At using her powers she can fly crave Force fields and energy blast and use Telekinesis Adam Eve re-encounters brandyworth after A group of superpowered children kidnaps Him during the fight Randy work reveals To Adam Eve that she is omnipotent that Therefore mental blocks were installed In her mind as she defeats the Super-powered children she and Brandyworth are taken into custody by Agent Stephen Erickson who kills Brandywerp it reveals to Adam Eve that Her biological mother is still alive and That those children were experimental Attempts to recreate Eve however adamine Doesn't get to sit with the discovery Law because Erickson also kills her Mother right in front of her Adam Eve

Goes into a state of Rage allowing her To override her mental blocks and use Her powers to erase Eric's memories that Was all her backstory revealed later in The comics so let's catch up to Adam Eve's coming debut in invisible number Two here she is already a member of the Team team as they stumble upon Mark Grayson AKA Invincible taking on the Mola twins the next day Eve discovers She and Mark attend the school where They later find out her physics teacher David Hiles is turning students into Human bonds Until the demise of the gardens of the Globe Adam Eve have been in a romantic Relationship with her fellow teen teen Member Rex blow On the night of member tryouts for the New Guardians of the globe team Eve's Rex cheating on her would duplicate she Quits teen team and begins going on Missions with Invincible they take on The lizard League together and she also Goes on some solo missions too The Friendship grows as invisible and Adam Eve continue working together and Hanging out at school at some point Eve Does begin to have some romantic Interest in Mark but that's put on hold When she sees Mark with Amber Eve Briefly dates William clarkwell Invisible's best friend in the comics They get together while bonding over

Their share of concern for Mark after His fight with his father William knows That she's Adam Eve and just like when He asked Mark to take him for a flight He adds the same with Eve the two split Up shortly after high school graduation And right after that Ian leaves for Africa where she feels she can use her Powers for the greater good by helping Those in need she always wanted to use Her powers for good but assume being a Superhero was the best way Go [Music] Through your sky [Music] All right we're gonna put a pin in Adam E's coming deep dive but we promised to Revisit again later for now we're going To move on to the version of the Character we've gotten to know in The Invisible animated series similar to the Comics we will talk about Adam E's Origin story which gets a focus in her Special episode Invincible Adam e the Adam Eve origin episode isn't too Different from her comic origin but some Minor changes are worth discussing as a Richer story so just like in the comic Book series Adam E's real name is still Samantha e Wilkins but what's different Is Eve's biological mother finally has a Name and it's Polly she was a pregnant Young woman who was unhoused and living

On the streets when she first Encountered brandywear unlike the comics Brandyworth is not Eve's biological Father but he is still a scientist who Developed the experiment that gave her Her powers instead her father is a no And it's Eve's mother Holly who Volunteered herself for the experimental Procedure that gave Eve her powers in Utero Holly wanted her daughter to have Just as much of a normal life as Possible and beg for any work to ensure That happened he does what he can to Keep their promise after Polly dies During childbirth brandywurf keeps Eve Away from agent Erickson by switching Her with a stillborn child a Bessie and Adam Wilkins like in the comics Brandi Worth keeps his distance from Eve while She grows up with the Wilkins during her Childhood Ian demonstrates a high Affinity for science her adoptive father Is a different to her and she discovers Her powers after being used into her Room post argument with her adoptive Father also like in the comics Randy Where finally makes the right contact With Eve after she saves animals from Thieves the episode Invincible Adam Eve Adds some layers to other areas of ease Life that were touched on in the comics Ian struggles with making friends and we Get to see how that is impacts her During her formative years and later

When we meet her as a high schooler Eve Is also one heck of a determined person Which is on Full display during her Fight with the experimental children who Were made in an attempt to recreate what Brandiwork was able to do to EU while Her mother was pregnant with her when we Meet Adam Eve in the first season of Invincible in episode 2 she's with the Teen team just like in the comics but Her first encounter with invisible half Is while an alien race the flexes attack Herb and you say is Invincible by Creating a force field while fighting Off the flax and Adam Eve demonstrates That she is definitely someone who has Been practicing using her powers for a While Eve is also attending the state of School as Mark and wants the two being Talking they quickly become friends in Crime fighting colleagues eem is one of The first people Mark can be open and Vulnerable with about getting used to His powers and having bad nerves before Taking on villains in turn Eve can be a Bit vulnerable with Mark even Spears she Discovers that Rex blow is cheating on Her would duplicate but she doesn't take That anger out until she goes up against The hunk during tryouts for the new Guardians of the globe she's offered a Sweat on the team but declines because Rex and Kate also make the new Guardians And she didn't want anything to do with

Them in the comics even Amber aren't Friends are barely acquaintances in the Show they eventually build a friendship It's actually thanks to Amber inviting Eve to volunteer at the beckwell Community center that later plays into Eve considering other ways she can use Her powers for the greater good ease Complicated relationship with her Parents ultimately makes her leave home And create a place for herself in a Treehouse but she is still someone who Puts the needs of others before herself Which makes her the superhero she is and Is also evident in the way that she acts Like a counselor between Amber and Mark Even though she has feelings from work After the epic fight between invincible And Omni men Eve gets closer to everyone William while they bond over their Shared concern for Mark she reveals to Them that she is Adam Eve with shots William but doesn't shock Amber even Though neither she or will you Recognizes her as Adam Eve Wow that guy is toast oh I see so like None of these sound good huh Oh crap I gotta go it'd be interesting To see what else is in store for Adam Eve in the next season of invincible and That concludes this deep dive character Session of superhero Club thank you so Much for watching again I'm your host Stephanie Williams remember you can

Check out the first season of invincible Of Prime video and stay tuned for more Invisible coming and late 2023. Thank you [Music] Foreign

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