Ficção Americana | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Ficção Americana | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Farto de ver a sociedade lucrar com o entretenimento “negro” que se baseia em estereótipos ofensivos, um romancista frustrado decide escrever um livro “negro”, o que o leva ao cerne da hipocrisia que ele despreza.

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How did you come to write this book what Really struck me was that too few books Were about my people where are our Stories where's our representation would You give us the pleasure of reading an Excerpt yo shironda girl you be pregnant Again if I is Ray Ray is going to be a Real father this time Around thank You woo Monk your books are good but they're not Popular editors they want a black book They have a black book I'm black and It's my book you know what I Mean look at what they published look at What they expect us to write I just want To rub their noses It I be standing outside in the night Dead beat dads rappers crack you said You wanted black stuff that's black Right I see what you're Doing we sold your book no we believe Mr Lee has written a bestseller there a Joke the most lucrative joke you've ever Told now is stag a pseudonym yeah Mr Lee Can't use his real name is this based on Your actual Life yeah you think some ass College boy can come up with that No no no I Don't can I ask what you were in for was A murder you said that not me they ran 300,000 copies your books change People's lives they're offering $4

Million for moving rights yes the Dumber I behave the Richer I Get this has gone too far stag Le is Still on the run from authorities you Haven't done anything it's not like they Can arrest You wish I could go back to not selling Books is it bad to cater to people's Taste people want to love you Monk you Should let them love all of you there's Already so much Buzz because of the Movie deal Michael B Jordan is circling We want to put him on the cover in one Of those um scarves I guess you would Call them tied around his head a doag Dag that's it doag in a tank top with The muscles showing somebody called the Fire Department we're thinking we can get it Out in time for J

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