Hazbin Hotel | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Hazbin Hotel | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Quem topa uma comediazinha musical no inferno comigo, besties?

Hazbin Hotel acompanha a jornada de Charlie, a princesa do inferno, para criar um hotel onde as criaturas demoníacas possam buscar perdão. Para isso, ela vai precisar da ajuda de seus aliados e dos hóspedes nada convencionais.

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[Music] We're H there you wward sitter do you Like blood violence and depravity of a Sexual nature Oh Daddy I do you really expect me to memorize This whole script of course you do That's why you're in hell what would you Say if I told you there was a place to Stay that had none of that welcome to The has beenin Hotel your last desperate Attempt at Salvation starts Here so what do you think I'm sorry what The was that uh yeah one Note this place is about second chances To convince Heaven the people of hell Can be redeemed hi mister don't yourself Have you ever wanted something that was So clear in your mind that you could Taste It you're going to help Sinners Hilarious it's a feeling like a rumbling In your guts I just hope what I'm trying To do here will work are you hi here Hold this oh my God oh my God for the First time in my Life ready for this ready to be the we Got 24 hours before the extermination Begins let's get to work and although I Kind of feel unsteady now I need to be Ready for this they're going to die They're they're going to Die well sh have a fight they won't Forget time to take a it is time to land A

Against the angels and their deadly Threat we cannot take it anymore the Time has come to to war F it's time I remind everyone why I'm Here I really hope that I'm ready for This I'm a bad man who never got enough Hugs where's an innocent kid I can sell Cracked to who wrote this it's great Right keep Going

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