Participar de um tribunal do júri deve ser um tédio, né? ERRADO!

Em Jury Duty, Ronald Gladden é um jurado que não tem ideia de que se trata de um caso falso. Todos, exceto ele, são atores contratados para criarias situações mais bizarras que você puder imaginar. Sendo assim, selecionamos algumas das cenas mais engraçadas que ele passou nesse processo.

Agora, me conta nos comentários o que você faria se estivesse no lugar do Ronald!

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Damn it God damn it this shows my gross Sales for the calendar year of 2021. And what do you notice From July To December 2021. It's just not my thing The jury duty stuff [Music] Todd is a very interesting individual What the hell Oh hello how are you what are you doing I was just sitting before we uh went off To court Are they crutches uh these are um uh Chair pants or chance Today he showed up wearing chair pants Which he calls chance to abbreviate Hello it's essentially two crutches I'll Just sit here he's attached to like knee Pads and then he's attached them to his Backside you straight oh The sort of the straightness is the Difficulty of the lack of a Bend Face you need help bro The only um part that uh is slightly Inconvenient about these is interacting With other chairs when you're wearing Them But otherwise they're whisper quiet and Really convenient to use Um is everyone ready to go yeah yeah you Good you look uncomfortable right now oh I'm feeling good I'm ready to go to Court uh I'll just get the

I don't know I I got it's I got it bro [Music] Thank you [Music] I actually I have this trip with um with My girlfriend it's our it's our six Month anniversary a trip yes this is the First time that we've been completely Unsupervised our parents aren't there so You can kind of see how that would be Like sure a vacation is not an excuse It's just that our parents aren't going To be around so it's we're really free To do anything that any anything we Haven't done yet right you can imagine Why excuse me I've heard it all and Going away with your girlfriend that's Not gonna suffice I I'm terribly sorry Are there any other reasons aside from This trip that you feel that you would Not be able to be a good juror for this Matter Um I am I I Sorry I'm I also am uh racist sir please Have a seat I'm sorry you're a racist I uh No I'm I'm sorry I I'm not I'm not Racist I um I was I was told that that Would work to told you that Um

All right never mind if I put John DeRose you would have tested you are not A racist I'm not I'm not okay I'm sorry [Music] Listen we don't have to do Mexican we Could do pizzas or we could do Subs we Had Subs yesterday can we play guys Oh Yeah Bill's Nikki or guys could somebody What happened come here please I don't Know Don't touch him all right what's his Name Are you okay Um okay all right He's very injured it's hey relax I need You to keep breathing you okay bud yeah Where are you hurting Oh He stepped on my hand [Music] Pardon me your number five This is becoming a real problem juror Number six you're the four person and It's your duty to keep the jury in line Are you capable of doing that yes okay You know what let's take 15 minutes for Coffee and Madam I suggest two cups for You Did you yeah good what'd you take a Cookie oh There you go there you go Thank you You are so nice as long as long as you

Don't fall asleep Don't worry okay Oh [Music] Take a seat here I just got one more Formality Judge can you put your microphone closer To you hold on just a second here I apologize Um As I said weeks ago when you first Entered this courtroom that this was the Last trial of my career What I didn't tell you is it's also the First uh because I'm not a real judge And you're not a real four person This is not a real case What Each of your fellow jurors As well as the defendant the plaintiff Bailiff Nikki myself we're all actors [Laughter] Everything you saw was carefully planned What I'm saying is It was all fake Except for one important element You [Music] All right

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