Música | Bastidores | Prime Video

Música | Bastidores | Prime Video

Ouça atentamente… Camila Mendes e Rudy Mancuso revelam tudo que rolou durante os bastidores de gravações do filme #Musica, as conexões com a cultura brasileira e muito mais!

Inscreva-se no canal do YouTube: https://bit.ly/35FaAo8

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You guys ready let's do it let's do It mus the only script I've ever read That has to do with Brazilian culture And specifically Brazilian American Culture and I remember thinking wow this Is way cooler than I could have even Imagined is that Rio yeah my mom's from Kabana I felt very connected to the Material there wasn't enough Brazilian Culture being represented in mainstream Film and TV and it's such a unique and specific Culture from the language to the music To the food my mom and I used to eat These every day infusing all that into This story was important that awesome Guys yeah perfect not only am I Brazilian and was raised in a Brazilian Household but when raised in the US by Foreign parents you kind of see the World in two very different Ways I just woke up and in this film Rudy is stuck between two those two Cultures are represented in the women That he's fallen in love with they're Represented at home it's a bit of a Battle because the Greers are not good Mom can't say that R and I talked a lot About the difference between American Culture and Brazilian culture We Exist Somewhere in the middle I have Brazilian Parents living in an American Environment and my ideologies are all Mixed up sometimes Americans tend to

Value the individual and they're very Success oriented and and job oriented Haley says you already have a few Advertising leads in the city did you Say that and in braz Brazil you can live With your parents till you're 30 and It's not weird you shouldn't be this Happy why you live at home with your mom So what you live with your mom it really Is all about family above everything so It's mess it's messed up I don't get it What's wrong yeah what's wrong just this Whole thing's weird to me it's important To me that my mom just played my mom she Was able to just be herself if for some Reason she wasn't able to do the film I Would have changed the Story what what I love Maria she is my Favorite part about this movie bra Mothers they're the most overbearing but Loving creatures to ever exist these Additions don't involve you mom they Involve no they Don't they can get a Bit excessive we just had so much fun Just go now yeah go right now you you Mean it yes I mean it my first eat the Film takes place in the pocket of Newark New Jersey called the Ironbound to think That Rudy grew up in the Ironbound Almost like a little Brazil I've never Seen anything like it look around this Is home the older I get the more I want To appreciate my Brazilian culture and

So it's nice to see somebody like Isabella who feels so connected to it we Shot in a lot of the actual locations That the film is set in but Asia Grill Which was a restaurant that I've been Going to since I was very young you Always talk about this place and it's Nice Opa Fish Market which is a fish Market that my mother would buy fish in Since I was very small fish being thrown Ice being stacked scales being scaled Ultimately audiences can see a glimpse Into what being a Brazilian American Looks like either you are Brazilian and You're going to resonate with the story Or you're not and you're going to learn Something about what it means to be Brazilian the best thing happen in my Life was participa in this movie I'm so Proud nothing I'm good this is my life's Work and it's based on my life there's Nothing more important in the universe Than this project now we got a movie [Applause] A [Music]

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