Vai um docinho de leite, um brigadeiro ou um guaraná?

A minha nova série Fallout se passa num mundo apocalíptico e, pensando nisso, desafiamos o elenco a provar comidas típicas brasileiras que sobreviveriam ao fim do mundo. Além de provar, eles precisarão dar uma nota para cada uma e essa missão não vai ser nada fácil!

Qual dessas guloseimas é a sua favorita? Diz aqui nos comentários!

Estrelada por Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins e Aaron Moten, #Fallout estreia dia 12 de abril de 2024 no meu streaming.

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No one in Brazil eats this soda Guys uh Hey everybody I'm Walton gogins Uh Ella panel and I'm Aon moton and uh We are with Fallout here in South Paulo Brazil at the ccxp Brian video's invited Us here to try some treats treats that Would survive the apocalypse I'm hungry Are you you guys you guys hungry yeah [Music] Do say Say yeah do say Del that's a sweet Caramel like spread or sweet cream made By slowly heating sweetened condensed Milk to create a thick creamy sweet Product wow okay so is this so is this Serving I'll go first I mean like I love I love food would you give this uh is This uh like you would serve this on Someone's birthday put it on some toast Smells good with some candles hold on I'm going in are you joking I mean this Is death by calories in a can that's Good but this is ex this is one of the Best things I've had you know what this Reminds me of I just want to slather This on an apple and stick it in the Oven banana would be good too Ban yeah yeah yeah ha okay so would you Begin the day your apocalyptic day would You start with this or would you end With it I was start and end with this Hey look at you that's a big endorsement How many how many model caps are we Going to give this it's a it's very

Sweet maybe like a seven like a seven I'm judge this is a 10 to me this is That's a 10 10 ble caps this is too Expensive you sell a scoop for four yeah That's right I think I'm going to I'm Going to throw this on some cheese That's what I'm going to do I'm going to Balance that sweetness out I'm going to Go with a there it is gu Guana gu gu gu I like that he gave that a little extra A popular Brazilian soft drink that Features the flavor of Guana man are you Kidding me see how big these teeth are You know how hard it is to wrap these Teeth around words I can barely do the English language a tropical fruit native To the Amazon okay here we go yeah we in it Like that it's a soda guys uh this is From the his first time drinking soda he Doesn't know I don't drink sodas wow Though I like that I would drink this It's not too sweet it's refreshing oh Wow it's nice I love it yeah you can Start a cult after the apocalypse with This stuff you had like a couple of Cases yeah everybody show up I I I try This and I just think wow this would Taste so great with Tequila this would be so good with Jen I'm just alcohol would you pair with This I would put a citrus in there I I Would go with like maybe a grapefruit Maybe a blood orange or a grapefruit and

I think you would uh pop that off of the Line and maybe a little a little Jin or A little mcow yeah I give this a a nine I'm giving it a nine too you know what I'll give it a nine I'll give round Radeo sweet made with condensed milk and Uh cocoa powder this was a big hit at Children's birthday parties and it's one Of the most famous sweets in the country It's really hard to I can't even scoop It Consistency Oh M lovely it's like a Brazilian uh Bucatino it's like icing for a cake but Chewier and different I think I might Like it more than the first one and I Really liked that one that's saying a Lot and you gave that one a 10 already So no I didn't I gave it a seven you Gave it a seven I gave it a 10 so you Have room to go uh this is amazing I Would scoop this though and just put a Slab on the side of my plate yeah a Little SL a little slab just Occasionally I dip my knife in it okay So you're going to where you going to Where you going to go with that where You going to I'm going to I'm going to Say a nine I'm going to say a nine I Want to put it on toast and I want to I Want to put like butter and I actually Want to put some salt flakes on top of It and put it on toast SM salt flakes of Course sea salt that's the that is the

Move that's the move what are you giving It I'm going to I'm going to go I'm Going to go eight I'll give it a 10 I'll Give it a 10 give it a 10 you wanted to Give it a 10 I'll give it a 10 okay all Right we got to think we're also this is The apocalypse right right I forgot About that aspect excuse my language but I would eat the out of the apocalypse And it feels kind of filling like it Would fill you up you you would people Would you would fight over this yeah you Would fight over this well Not different from any other soda that We have in Brazil it's pink right I Should have read the Q cards oh it's so Pretty what is it is it sweet it's so Sweet how do you how do you do this I'm Going to get you guys some steak man I'm Going to throw down that is sweet it's Nice though can you guess the 17 Ingredients just kidding wow it's like You've melted bubble gum it is yeah yeah A little bit a little bit like yeah but It would survive the PO I mean you know If you came across it and it was hot we Said bubblegum double bubble what was Double bubble yeah bazooka bazooka Bazooka bubble gum I'm going to go like A like a three I'm going go three three Bottle caps so sorry I don't know the More you drink the better it gets kind Of oh yeah okay yeah it's growing on me It's there got something like under the

Bubble gum that's like cinnamon or some There's something like Spice in that That's the sugar I'm going to go with The the neutral six I like I I don't Love it I don't hate it I would drink it So that's is that right down the middle That is that a five no it's like Slightly better than slightly above Average okay all right so I wouldn't cry If I had to drink it okay you know yeah Four four four J De Moto jelly made from Moto which is cartilage from cattle Mixed with sugar and some other flavors Fun fact all jellies are usually made From animal collagen typically derived From the processing of Bones and skins From pigs and cattle okay oh that had a Harder consistency than I thought what Is it sweet or is It m o yeah I don't know about that it's Different it's different yeah yeah I Mean I'm a texture guy it's about like How something fits in the mouth right And this is a um it's a little stiff is This alcoholic oh man what what do you Eat this with normally crackers crackers You eat this with crackers it's like a Chutney or a like something you do you Also eat this with cheese no no okay It's not a staple in the Brazilian diet This is a uh this is you guys Are like this is crazy right now no one In Brazil eats this so what are you Going to what are you going to rate it

How many bottle caps are you giving it I'm going to go two I'm going to go two I'm a I'm a I'm a two yeah I think in The apocalypse you feed this to the Masses though I'm going to say one one Be cheap could be cheap people people Eat this you think I mean it looks like Like like like a Frozen like a root beer Or like a frozen Coca-Cola you know what I mean so you have an expectation of one Thing something very Different aito it is a culinary Ingredient ingredient extracted from the Inner core of certain varieties of palm Trees it's eaten raw and used for salads Pies and lots of things man I eat this All the time do you like a version of it The heart of palms and are you kidding Me I can't wait to have it you even Watching me do it yeah I'm going to Watch you do that go Slow good guys I think I love That I'm just going to use my hands I Have faith that the Brazilian Society Going to live a very long time when you Eat something like this and in the Apocalypse you're supposed to peel It peel it there's there's a bunch of Ways to prepare it you know people eat On salad raw but when you grill it oh God it's amazing that looks put some That I could see you grilling this Absolutely pizza on Pizza of course Thank you so much that's great I'm going

To go I'm going to go with 10 yeah Absolutely I'm going to go with four Uh so sorry I just it's a texture thing For me texture it's a texture thing yeah Yeah just a nine you're lucky you're Nine hey yeah it's real good Macha very Very popular Brazilian drink made from Mach herbs on hot days at the beach is It that specific you think like I'm Going to the beach let me get my Mach Yeah are those colors Beautiful ah now we're talking I don't hate it no I really like it I Really this just tastes like it should Be alcoholic though absolutely 100% this Is so lovely I'm going to steal two caps From somebody and I'm going to go with a 12 I think I would like it better hot I Was just going to say that would you I Think I would like it better hot too oh Interesting yeah what you give it give It a 12 the very popular I want to be Invited back to their Beaches they this is the only drink that They have you know on the beach I didn't Think about that I didn't the beach I Think cold it would get a five from me But hot I don't know it could be a 10 I Got to try it I'm just trying to think This could be my thing this concludes uh The tasting portion of our time here at Ccxp I felt like I've been on a on a Cultural experience how about the two of You about the same I feel like I'm

Having a sugar rush and I and uh it's Happening yeah make sure you check out Full out on Prime video thank you [Music]

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