May December - Segredos de um Escândalo | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

May December – Segredos de um Escândalo | Trailer Oficial | Prime Video

Segredos de um Escândalo, vai contar a história de Gracie (Julieanne Moore) e seu marido Joe (Charles Melton), que é 23 anos mais novo que ela. No entanto, suas rotinas viram de cabeça para baixo quando a atriz Elizabeth Berry (Natalie Portman) vem estudar Gracie para um papel no cinema.

Estrelado por Natalia Portman, Julianne Moore, Charles Melton #MayDecember já está disponível no Prime Video.

How do you choose your roles I want to Find a character that's difficult to on The surface Understand were they born or were they Made it's such a pleasure to meet you You are so sweet we're so happy to have You thank you for doing this it's so Generous well I want you to tell the Story right don't I we taller you look Taller on television but we're basic Basically the same size I'm basically The same feels like things just settled Down and now yall are making a movie It's a very complex and human story I Think it's hard to trust that you're Going to represent Gracie as she was I'm Going to Try do you remember when you first met He came to the pet store looking for a Job it was summer after 6th grade S why do you want to play me when they s Me the script I thought here is a woman With a lot more to her than I remember From the T WS what would make a 36-year-old woman Have an affair with the seventh grader People they like to see me as a Victim I wanted It I already have an idea of what it Must have felt like what sneaking around With You I shouldn't have said that Why would you want to play someone who You think is a bad person it's the

Moreal gray areas that are interesting She's getting on my last nerve she's Just everywhere I Look why can't we talk about it if we're Really as in love as we say we Are insecure people are very dangerous Aren't they You're great see

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