O Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick - A História | Bastidores | Prime Video

O Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick – A História | Bastidores | Prime Video

O mundo de John Wick está de volta, mas um pouco diferente! Preparados para essa nova experiência?

Damas e cavalheiros, conheçam a história por trás do Hotel Continental, o refúgio para inúmeros assassinos profissionais. Mas respeitem as regras, pois sem elas a boa convivência no mundo do crime é impossível.

Estrelada por Mel Gibson e Colin Woodell, O Continental: Do Mundo de John Wick estreia 22 de setembro no Prime Video Brasil.

Inscreva-se no canal do YouTube: https://bit.ly/35FaAo8

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Jerome Lovely to see you again [Applause] The Continental that we meet at the Beginning is probably one of the worst Continentals in the world it's decrepit It's corrupt it's messy Cormac who's Running it is amoral and vindictive Shoot Mr Avery for me sir the rules oh Yeah the rules again Gentlemen We fell in love with this idea where it Was set in the 70s because it felt like It was a way to expand the world but not Step on what we had in the movies the Big ass from The Producers bazo I wantic And Erica Lee is we want to know more About the inner workings of this hotel What we learn in the Continental is how Winston and his personality how does he Build this hotel in His image you know Usually when a bunch of guys in Mass Drug me and throw me in the back of a Truck and fly me over the Atlantic They at least offered me a cup of coffee Yeah of course Sharon being the man Just like in the films the hotels Mirrored Winston's Soul rules Without them we live with the animals we Wanted the Continental to mirror Beginnings of Winston and who he was I Don't think fans should miss this for a Second because they are going to see Things that were there that now they

Know the history of watching the Character of Winston being brought into The underbelly of this crime family from London is really fascinating oh my God This is the love of my life you're Protected with your life or don't come Back You got my word The Continental is such a huge part of The movies it's our hero location and Something that fans are always asking More about his kingdom is mine and mine Alone it felt like everyone was Intrigued by John Wick and then Underneath it they're intrigued by the Character of the Continental when we Started thinking about the prequel we Went back to watch the films and we Realized man we're not giving the Audience anything it just almost like Assumed fact that they would know why This hotel was here and the history Behind it A lot of the elements of the Continental From the series are elements that we had In the films just weren't really Addressed John Wick Ex-communicado Hi It really comes down to one line when Winston says I have served and been a Beacon of order and stability to our Industry for over 40 years so I pulled

My calculator out and I was like well The movies came out in like 2015 2016. What was happening in New York City 40 Years prior clever and landed right on This article about Fierce City and the Peril that the city was in the Bankruptcy the violence the Bronx Burning And so it was one of those aha moments Where we went wait a minute what if we Go back to the beginning what if we set This in a Time far away from John Wick But also start to plant the seeds oh how John Wick comes into this universe Crazy thing about the John Wick Franchise is that it's not based on any Underlying IP it's not based on a Graphic novel series or books or it's a Remake so every piece of information we Give the audience is the first time They're experiencing it every little Kind of breadcrumb we give them they are Intrigued by I'd like a tasting I need Something robust precise Sure would you help set the mood for our New guest of course so If you're a fan of the John Wick film Series I think you will really Appreciate the things in the Continental The rules the danger the violence the Fun how are we supposed to believe a guy In an ass God can pull this off it's a Cravat Acres we always want for the behind the

Scenes The sea cleans the rooms the hotel who Gets the mail there's another kind of Upstairs Downstairs of the world that we Just started to explore and could go Much deeper in as well counter to the Fact that the John with movies are going So fast In some ways the first three films only Take place in like a two-week radio so We don't have time to slow down And talk about the mythology And so in some of these other pieces of Content we're doing including the series And the spin-off we're going to spend More time trying to dig deeper and Answer some of the questions that the Audience has because we've kind of just Threw out a lot of Mythology and people Are intrigued by it but we have to go Deeper bigger than goons or bookies or Broken fingers they control everything They have eyes and ears everywhere they Make people disappear You thought you could outsmart the high Table How foolish of you Albert and our showrunners were Incredibly respectful The franchise tell me what you need love Can you dig it You know living up to Fan expectations So that's a pressure and challenge but Then you have to create a new world what

Season we planted in the films that we Can kind of go backwards and exploit That night active we rule about if the Red light goes on you can kill on Hotel Grounds Take this house [Music] [Music] Thank you The expansion of the hotel itself was Something that was kind of a process Because it's an odd shaped building Right it's a triangle that doesn't look Very big but you have to make it feel Ominous and that's what's interesting About the Continental when you watch the Movies and when you watch our series all That stuff really fits in that building Are there these really big rooms that's Kind of the mystical quality of the Continental is this how you get to the Gift shop We see the whole schematic the early Designs like where the pivotal points Are how the rooms are laid out we Learned the DNA of the hotel which is Really fun and nothing that we've ever Explored in the movies before there's Everything in that building who knows What else he's got in there now We never want to win about it as like Okay let's just do all these different Rules more so let's experience the Continental through a young Winston we

Had to have Winston and Sharon and Really build their relationship because That helps tell the story of the Continental Hotel 13th floor that's bad Luck right Superstitious We do want to leave the audience wanting More we do want them to be asking more Questions and so I think it's just more Of kind of letting the Rope out slowly I think they're going to love that we Took the world that they know and They're familiar with and expanded it a Bit more we've just scratched the Surface I think the beauty of a hotel Are there are so many rooms and On so many interesting characters that We hope to explore more of we're going To spend more time trying to dig deeper And answer some of the questions that The audience has about the history of The Continental from the films the Continental that became the most Powerful one in the world How did that come to be I'll see you all At the grand reopening [Music]

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